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12, Some Streeet, 12550 New York, USA
(+44) 871.075.0336
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We are a society of industry professionals

Lion Media LLC was founded by CEO, Jessica Lion, in 2017. Her experience and expertise, and that of her team provide a broad understanding of marketing and public relations in today’s highly competitive entertainment industries and niche markets.

Lion Media specializes in raising the business, media and public profiles of its clients to gain an advantage – increased performance – in the marketplace. Elements of work include the strategic creation and execution of marketing, public relations and media relations campaigns, corporate identity and branding programs, business/trade media relations, consumer products and special event promotions, new business/product launches and corporate responsibility initiatives.  Clients range from television networks, independent film producers/distributors to consumer products and services companies.

Jessica Lion’s business partners are two powerhouse professions in the corporate entertainment and music businesses. Tom Tanno and Stacy Nupoff have decades of experience in their respective fields with Tom in film, television and consumer products publicity, and Stacy with national and international mainstream music industry promotion and public relations.

At Lion Media, we provide custom plans which will drive your business to reach its full potential. We strive to build awareness, create momentum and increased business in the Phoenix, Los Angeles, and New York marketplaces in order achieve your stated goals and objectives.  Where other agencies provide only simple services and basic marketing “packages,” when you join the Lion Media network, you will employ a full-service marketing team with real-world experience and success who will get you to your goals.

Throughout my career within the entertainment industry I have come to find that marketing wasn't a choice I made, but a choice that was made for me due to my ability to excel in this particular field. I am 100% self taught, as I've continued to pursue every endeavor with a solid understanding in the value of presentation and consistency. Every partner and affiliate who I have and will continue to work with for many years to come, make me the strongest driving force I can possibly be. To me, Lion Media is a divine collection of myself and every single one of you.

Jessica Lion, CEO | Founder

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Our circle comprises some of the top industry professionals in the country. Within this rarefied universe, we learn from one another, support and enhance shared, as well as individual goals and objectives. It is the most organic support team in which active participation stimulates the energy which drives the creativity required for success.
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